Who We Are :

•Valiant Warriors was founded in 2019 and operates as a registered entity being South Africa’s very first independent Christian training academy aimed at the re-establishment of men as the cornerstone of society by leading adolescent teens through the process of maturing into responsible men •We work to overcome the barriers of Satan by unlocking the God-given potential within our men •All our training material are scripture based and Christ centred •The aim is not only to alter the behaviour but also to raise up a new generation of responsible men, loving and loyal husbands and God-fearing fathers •Our #intomanhood, #intomarriage and #intofatherhood modules are specifically designed to follow sequence around the wholeness of man •We stand in the gap for the fathers who aren’t able to, regardless of the reason

“A boy becomes a man only through the active intervention of his father and fellowship of men” – John Eldredge, Author

The Need :

•After spending time within the community I grew up in, I observed a gap within our society. •A gap so large it left enough room for evil to find a home in the hearts of man. •And that gap unfortunately is the ‘grown adult’ who never fully matured into ‘manhood’, the ‘husband’ who got married without being taught the principles of ‘covenantship’ and the ‘father’ who is everywhere but nowhere •In a country where all forms of abuse has become so prevalent, from alcohol to drugs •For generations, Satan has robbed us from our true identity and birth right •Statistics shows that over 10 million South Africans are victim to substance abuse •Almost every 3rd home is being managed by a single mother with a minimum of 2 kids •More than 40% of adolescent males are without fathers and the number is steadily increasing, creating a disturbing cycle of more irresponsible adults and fathers, more fatherless kids , more broken marriages and ending with more single mothers •Our woman and children are being abused at the hands of men who were initially designed to protect and provide but instead are driven by immorality on the highest level. •Satan’s sole mandate is John 10v10: “ to steal, to kill, to destroy” and for that reason we could not sit back and see our future generations whither away.

The Mission:

Being both emotionally and spiritually triggered by these observations, I decided that change was needed and it had to be initiated very quickly
More so, to ensure the youngsters/adolescence become upstanding, moral citizens and to produce a healthy, Christ centred next generation
To combat the realities we’re facing I turned to God and through extensive prayer and supplication came up with content on 3 focus areas
The #Into manhood, #Into Marriage and #Into fatherhood focus areas has drastically transformed from what was initially a men’s conference program into a full scale Christian syllabus.
With successful completion of the training we believe that our boys will transition into responsible men and will rise up and reclaim their position within our societies, company’s and homes as leaders, mentors and more importantly, to become Gods strategy for mankind as it was always intended, paving the way for the next generation.
By bringing Christ back into our framework foundation, and facilitating core values through scripture, we endeavour to impact the communities of South Africa across all provinces and have Valiant Warriors established in every corner of our beautiful nation.

The Vision:

•Our vision is to exhaust every resource available to reach out and enrol every boy child/adolescent into our #intomanhood training program to identify in them their true potential, passion and purpose. •To have every future husband undergo a framework of biblical teachings in our #intomarriage training program preparing them for covenantship •To enlist all future and present fathers to partake in the #intofatherhoood training program to understand the vital importance of the role and responsibility a father plays and also to acknowledge the consequences and dangers of abandoning that position •To create a better tomorrow, we need to start teaching Christ today •By getting these training modules to be a part of a school curriculum •To raise up a new generation of Christ minded men to be Valiant Warriors.