The scenario pertaining to the lack of God-fearing fathers is one that is rather personal to me.

Being raised with a present yet absent dad (MHDSRIP), I had to navigate through life on my own.

My dear mum would often be the one to pick up the pieces but always after the mistakes were already done.

Being the youngest of four kids and with two older brothers didn’t provide any relief as they also felt the repercussion of not having a constant male figure to direct their path.

By observing their lifestyle choices, I was able to avoid many troubles but that didn’t completely stop me from stirring up my portion of mischief and strife.

This brought me to the realisation that a father’s duty is much more than just financial provision but also entails that of leading his kids (son) into manhood and to prepare him for the roles of husband hood and fatherhood.

Sadly though, many households are still being managed by single mothers, this age-old tradition is becoming somewhat of a very rare and scarce occurrence in today’s word.

Fast forward ….

It was until the birth of my last-born daughter that I began seeing life differently and started making changes and through God’s guidance I could overcome strongholds which held me captive, each day I experienced small victories which lead to major breakthroughs for me personally.

I then turned my focus to my son and vowed that he will not have to fight the same demons I had to battle.

Being driven to be an example for my son, I set my attention on reading books, conducting extensive research on cognitive, behavioural and emotional intelligence and studying the Bible for spiritual maturity which amazingly enabled me to provide my son with life changing biblical teachings which became the values, morals and principles of living a Christ-centred life.

After a few teachings I could see drastic changes in his outlook towards life, his thinking had broadened, his ability to communicate in a more mature manner was improving and his view of Gods principles was becoming part of his daily life.

I then realised that I needed to extend these teachings and trainings and make it available to all boys, to share with all parents the joy of seeing their boys grow up into responsible men, husbands and fathers and that gave birth to Valiant Warriors.

We are now closing in on one year of teachings and training in leading my 16-year-old son into manhood and I can attest that parenting a teenager has truly become a blessing thus far.

When God is the centre of it all, righteousness becomes the daily goal.

I urge every parent/guardian/ to explore this wonderful opportunity for your sons, and even for husbands and fathers to sign up with Valiant Warriors to reclaim what the enemy has stolen from us but more importantly, to raise up generations of God-fearing men, loving and loyal husbands and fathers with vision.

For whatever is born of God overcomes the world