•After spending time within the community I grew up in, I observed a gap within our society. •A gap so large it left enough room for evil to find a home in the hearts of man. •And that gap unfortunately is the ‘grown adult’ who never fully matured into ‘manhood’, the ‘husband’ who got married without being taught the principles of ‘covenantship’ and the ‘father’ who is everywhere but nowhere •In a country where all forms of abuse has become so prevalent, from alcohol to drugs •For generations, Satan has robbed us from our true identity and birth right •Statistics shows that over 10 million South Africans are victim to substance abuse •Almost every 3rd home is being managed by a single mother with a minimum of 2 kids •More than 40% of adolescent males are without fathers and the number is steadily increasing, creating a disturbing cycle of more irresponsible adults and fathers, more fatherless kids , more broken marriages and ending with more single mothers •Our woman and children are being abused at the hands of men who were initially designed to protect and provide but instead are driven by immorality on the highest level. •Satan’s sole mandate is John 10v10: “ to steal, to kill, to destroy” and for that reason we could not sit back and see our future generations whither away.

…or something like this: