Train up a child

Training our kids are inevitably a parent’s duty, assisted by grandparents and family members.

Mum does her bit while dad does his, both parents play an important role in the spiritual, mental, physical, social, financial and moral development of their kids.

Dad’s are responsible for almost all the above learning areas and the all-important rite of passage into maturity, masculinity, responsibility and accountability are amongst the many learning areas which dads ought to pass on to their kids, especially their boys.

Unfortunately, the reality is that we live in a world filled with single mothers, resulting in a dysfunctional family dynamic totally opposite to Gods will.

And so, by attempting to achieve the above then seems to be an impossible task and becomes somewhat of a daunting challenge which many single mums often fail at.

And for that reason, we find our boys growing up without ever maturing, they avoid responsibilities, wile some become fathers and husbands without having an idea of what these roles require and demand on a day to day basis and end up ‘winging’ it by taking it one day at a time and eventually walking out on mummy and baby all due to the lack of an example to follow.

It’s like taking your family for a joy ride without knowing how to drive

This might not necessarily be the fate for every father and husband and for that we applaud you, however, we cannot turn a blind eye to the masses of fatherless kids and broken marriages out there.

We live in a world where one can apply to a university and become a professional in various fields, but nowhere will you find an institution that will train our boys to be men, husbands and fathers.

Satan strategically removes the head and priest of the home and thus automatically immobilises an entire generation

So, by identifying the gap in society of absent fathers and passive men, it became easy to pin the entry point which has become the playing ground for Satan running havoc in our communities and schools

We at Valiant Warriors, have decided to bridge that gap and be the father to the nations by adopting our future generations, taking them by their hand and leading them into manhood.

Alan Augustine – Director

Valiant Warriors