• This module has been designed to aid in the transition from boyhood to manhood (Prov 22v6)
  • To take the hand of our young guys and lead them down the road to maturity (1 Cor 13v11)
  • Through sound biblical training we introduce the guys to “Who they are” in their original design of God (Gen1v26) and provide step by step training to usher them into mature, autonomous men
  • To highlight their importance as to why they were planned before the foundations of this world (Eph1v3)
  • To emphasise how they are Gods strategy for mankind (Jer1v5)
  • and that God has equipped them for every task (Jos1v9)
  • In this module we cover character building, physical and spiritual development, responsible relationshipping, identifying your destiny and purpose and setting the course for autonomous adulting in Christ

Proverbs 22v6

Train up a child in the way he should go and he will not depart from it