• Our marriages, more than ever are under immense attacks and sadly the opening has been identified as the unprepared husband
  • We find grown ups leaving their homes without the necessary training of manhood and husbanhood getting married, making babies whilst not fully understanding the principles and purposes of covenantship.
  • We have so many weddings and so little marriages and even less covenant unions.
  • Marriage counselling begins a few weeks before the big day, but in reality it has already been engraved through life-long observations and misconceptions
  • The focus hereof is to express the true meaning of covenantship as per the biblical premise as seen in Genesis with Abraham and Sarah and reiterated in Christ loving the church as His bride
  • We also highlight the dangers of adultery and fornication in marriage

Hebrews 13v4

Marriage amongst all is honourable and the bed undefiled, but fornicators and adulterers God will judge