•Valiant Warriors was founded in 2019 and operates as a registered entity being South Africa’s very first independent Christian training academy aimed at the re-establishment of men as the cornerstone of society by leading adolescent teens through the process of maturing into responsible men •We work to overcome the barriers of Satan by unlocking the God-given potential within our men •All our training material are scripture based and Christ centred •The aim is not only to alter the behaviour but also to raise up a new generation of responsible men, loving and loyal husbands and God-fearing fathers •Our #intomanhood, #intomarriage and #intofatherhood modules are specifically designed to follow sequence around the wholeness of man •We stand in the gap for the fathers who aren’t able to, regardless of the reason

“A boy becomes a man only through the active intervention of his father and fellowship of men” – John Eldredge, Author